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  • E.g. Type I Diabetes, Type II Diabetes, cardiovascular, high blood pressure, Immune Disease, Cancer
  • E.g. Surgical Device, Surgical Auxiliary Device, Disposable Medical Device, Active Implantable Medical Device, Non-Active Implantable Medical Device, Non-Invasive Device, Wearable Device, Disease Management, Health Management, Personalized Medication, Anti-Aging, Tissue Regeneration, Medical Imaging, In-Vitro Diagnosis, Blood Diagnosis, Molecular Diagnosis, Liquid Biopsy, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Bioelectronics, Digital Medicine, Biochip, Intelligent Firmware, Intelligent Software, Bioinformatics, Genomics, Gene Sequencing, Gene-editing, Regenerative Medicine, Single Cell Sequencing, NGS Second-Generation Sequencing, Microbial Groups, Proteomics, Exosomes, Intestinal Flora And Immunity, Stem Cell, IPS, Vaccine, Protein And Peptide,Nucleotide,Small Molecule, Molecular Medicine, Synthesis, Generic Drug, Drug Delivery, Precision Therapy, 3D Cells Culture
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  • E.g. None, Angel, A, B, IPO, etc.