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Eligibility and Rules

» Participants can be in the forms of individual, team or company.

» Projects should fall into one of the following categories: therapeutics, biotechnology, medical device, digital health.

» Participants have a desire to enter the Chinese market or seek Chinese partners.

» Projects should be innovative and commercializable in the Chinese market.

» Projects should own at least one of the following rights: intellectual property right, patent license right, and market management right. The participants should be responsible for the legal problems caused by the violation of these rights.

» The technical documents and data provided must be true and reliable.

How to Participate
Register online and submit the required information and document.

Selected applicants will be invited to present at Preliminaries in different cities all over the world. Two online preliminaries will also be scheduled for participants who can’t attend any of our offline preliminaries.

(Global Preliminaries Schedule)

Qualified winners from Preliminaries will be invited to compete in finals in China on a 5-day sponsored trip in November and December 2019.