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Becure solution is a physical therapy and rehabilitation software (assessment software and games) for balance, lower/upper extremity and hand which is also referred to as “Gamification” or “Virtual Rehabilitation Applications”. It is a “Personalized Healthcare” system which provides the possibility of remote monitoring and home application of the programs creating a high motivation for the patient.

Becure solutions can be listed as follows:
BECURE Balance System: Balance System Evaluation and Active Video Games
BECURE ExtremityROM: Upper/Lower Extremity Evaluation and Active Video Games
BECURE HandROM: Hand, Wrist and Finger Evaluation and Active Video Games

BioTrillion, Inc.

BioTrillion is developing BioEngine4D, a mobile digital biomarker health technology platform combining computer vision and machine learning software with a smartphone’s optical modality hardware to generate novel digital biomarkers in key diseases for data-driven drug development and digitally detecting developing diseases, using smartphone-generated physiologic and behavioral data to yield superior scalability (digital, accessible, affordable) and accuracy (frequent, quantitative, objective).  Our targets are neurologic drugs and diseases.

Golden Biotechnology Corp.

Antroquinonol® (trade name Hocena®) was discovered by Golden Biotechnology Corp. in 2006. Its relevant therapeutic areas have been granted more than 120 patents worldwide for its structure, preparation method and best-in-class applications in oncology, cardio-metabolic syndromes, autoimmune diseases and neurodegenerative diseases.  

ProGen Diagnostics

ProGen has developed products in assisting technologies for immune-checkpoint inhibitor drugs. PD1 is a protein targeted for cancer therapy (Keytruda, Opdvio). Efficacy of these therapies are less than optimal and is associated with strong adverse reactions. A large number of patients 16.3% on anti-PD1 monotherapy and 55% of patients on a combination therapy with anti-CTLA4 show adverse side effects. Therapy only shows a modest increase in survival (34% in PD-L1 positive and 20% in PD-L1 negative group) with the treatment cost of approximately $300,000/year.

Many patients undergoing treatment shouldn’t be receiving treatment (aren’t good candidates) and once they are undergoing treatment there is no way to measure how patients are responding. ProGen’s products can be used as a late-stage diagnostic tool for physicians to use when deciding whether or not to pursue further treatment.

Both assays once FDA approved will relatively quickly start improving the lives of millions of people all over the world. Our PD1 assay will provide insurance companies and hospitals with tremendous cost savings.


TendoNova Corp

TendoNova’s Ocelot™ system promises improved clinical outcomes, decreased cost of care, improved patient experience, improved physician experience. Its elements are a hand-held device with single-use disposable component supported by data feedback and analytics. CEO has successfully launched new medical technologies over 30 years, Chairman is currently CEO of a medical technology start-up (having led 6 others including one IPO), strong cross-functional team of technology inventors. Leading orthopedic physicians comprise the medical advisory board. System prototypes have demonstrated required clinical performance, full beta prototype is complete.

Womed Technology

Womed’s mission is to help women improve their fertility by preparing their uterus for pregnancy.

Womed’s first product, Womed Leaf, is designed to eliminate scars to the endometrium, also known as intrauterine adhesion: this condition is affecting millions of women in China who performed an abortion and are unable to have a baby. Womed Leaf is the first anti-adhesion barrier film designed for the uterus : it is inserted like a contraceptive IUD at the end of the surgical intervention, it self-deploys in the uterus and acts as a physical barrier to prevent the two walls of the uterus from sticking together, and it finally degrades and is discharged through the cervix.


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