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Northern Development

Northern Development is a Norwegian/Australian based company developing a next generation heart assist device, targeting a major population Heart Failure patients who currently have no treatment option, the HFpEF population.
Northern Development has developed PulseVad, a new, sensor-based pump, allowing for treatment of HFpEF patients, as the first company. Pre Clinicals estimated to start Q3 2019, First in Man planned for December 2020.
PulseVad will be the first assist device to enter the HFpEF market, and have several technological break throughs including intelligent sensors, minimal invasive implantation system, implantable controller and offers adaptive blood supply for the patients.
The key components in system have finalized prototypes and been tested in bench and animal models.

QUOIN Pharmaceuticals

Quoin is a US based specialty pharma company with a differentiated polymer drug delivery platform technology that is ideal for transdermal and topical delivery. We have four lead products under development addressing underserved and attractive market opportunities. Two of these are orphan dermatology products targeting the rare diseases Netherton Syndrome and Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa (DEB), both of which there are no approved treatments for. One of these products, QRX003 for Netherton Syndrome, could be approved as early as next year. This would be the first approval for this debilitating disease and could, for the very first time, provide a meaningful clinical solution to a patient population desperate for relief.

DRD Biotech Ltd. is research company, based in Republic Buryatia, Russia.
Company develops and implements in vitro diagnostic devices – rapid tests based on innovative biotech and IT-technologies. Our team has broad experience of the IVD market. DRD partners possess expertise in product development, regulatory and clinical affairs.
Company’ consultants are recognized experts in the field of neurology, neurosurgery, development of biomarkers for brain damage, biotechnology, and clinical trials

ELAA Technology

Lung cancer diagnosis can not be achieved early enough due to small size of the suspicious nodules or sampling errors due to misinterpretation of the location of the nodules.
Our 3D Lung Navigation System provides fast, EARLY DIAGNOSIS using flexible bronchoscopy. Our software uses computerized tomography (CT) images to construct 3D Volumetric images of the patient’s airways and blood vessels. Then our system matches bronchoscopic REAL TIME images of the patient with the constructed 3D virtual images.
The algorithm calculates the most reliable, fastest and safest route without harming blood vessels of the patient during bronchoscopic needle biopsy.
EARLY and DEFINITE DIAGNOSIS achieved by 3D Lung Navigation System decreases the health costs spent for diagnosis and treatment of the lung diseases.


Medipic is a medical device research, development and production company. Our main focus is on Epidural Anesthesia. The active device is the MediPic epidural anesthesia guide kit. It increases the success rate of epidural anesthesia 9 times in all operations under the waist and helps to keep the operation safe. Epidural anesthesia, which is a general anesthetic management, is commonly used for all surgeries that are known at birth but which cover the waist. In addition, pets can be used in all operations under the back of animals such as horses and cows. This method is based on the experience and dexterity of the anesthesia doctors. The MediPic Device carries this method to a digital environment and provides a reference range to the doctor with a decision support mechanism. In this way; It is planned to minimize the risk of complications and paralysis and to increase the use of epidural anesthesia in operations and to benefit from more cases.

Mito BioPharma

Founded in 2012, Mito BioPharma has developed a transformative small-molecule mitochondrial modulating therapeutic technology and pipelines for treating metabolism related diseases. The current therapeutic focuses are NASH and type 2 diabetes. Proof-of-concept study has been published in high impact journals (e.g. Nature Medicine). Our compound pipelines are protected by world-wide composition-of-matter patents, with key patent issued in US. Currently, the therapeutic leads for NASH and T2D are available for IND and clinical development. We are seeking investment or partnership to advance the development programs of NASH and type 2 diabetes.


Yun Qin

Investment Director

ZhuHai Institute of Advanced Technology Chinese Academy of Science

Qun Dang

President of Shanghai New Drug discovery Institute

CSPC Pharma

Shengyi Jiang

Managing Director

CTS Capital

Hui Wang

Project Manager


Zhiyuan Hu



Donald Shao

Invesment director

Fosun Pharma