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MyBioGate Global Healthcare Innovation Competition
Philadelphia Preliminary
The 2nd China (Jinan) New Growth Drivers International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest
American Preliminary

Date: June 2, 13:30-17:00

Venue: Loews Philadelphia Hotel, Commonwealth Hall A2

  Top 3 companies in Philadelphia Preliminary

Lauren Sciences LLC

Veriskin, Inc.
Arise Health Care Products, Inc.



Auspex is the result of an early collaboration with Dr. William Hait, Director of the Cancer Institute of New Jersey. We had two successful predictions published. Afterward, Dr. Hait joined JNJ and Auspex received Taiwan government grants for follow-up studies in collaboration with the legendary Taiwan Industrial Technology Research Institute and the top hospital VGHTPE. Those studies developed a new robust prediction platform. We then raised a Series A funding to validate the platform.  With high confidence in the design, four diagnostics studies were carried out simultaneously.  The results were published; all four cases had excellent clinical performances. Our performance was more than double/triple than previously published if a comparison was available, or we had new diagnostics without previous publication.  Currently, Auspex has approval for commercial service in Taiwan; Auspex is collaborating with a top US cancer center to repeat the published Taiwan results to start commercial services in US


Regenerate Therapeutics was incorporated in 2019 after licensing the global unencumbered program and patent from Sumitomo Dainippon pharma around their 1st in class Semaphorin 3a small molecule inhibitor program. Regenerate is developing their recently patented molecules for the treatment neurotrophic ocular surface disease, diabetic macular edema and diabetic nephropathy. The lead program REG-001 is ready to start IND enabling studies for neurotrophic dry eye disease. Regenerate is actively seeking equity financing to initiate IND enabling studies and start human trials in early 2020/2021.

OmniCyte is a pre-clinical biotech company addressing significant unmet needs in cancer.

Targeted Immuno-oncology Therapeutic, Program I

We have developed a novel Immuno-Oncology platform technology that selectively activates the cancer immune system (natural killer (NK) cells, dendritic cells (DC), CD8 T cells, memory T cells) to target, infiltrate and destroy specific tumor types, without activating unrelated immune elements, which can cause immunotoxic side effects.

Background: Our biologic therapeutic is a bi-specific multimeric viral glycoprotein and tumor associated antigen complex (VGP/TAA). The VGP is derived from the alphavirus, which has demonstrated promising tumor killing (oncolytic) potential. The alphavirus has been shown to be efficacious in retarding xenograft tumor growth and prolonging survival, although it is not curative. An engineered alpha viral vector (AV) expressing a tumor specific antigen (TAA) was shown, in a syngeneic mouse tumor model, to mediate regression of tumor growth and to inhibit metastasis through CD8+ T cell infiltration. Tumor-specific CD8+ memory T cells were also observed in surviving mice more than 60 days after treatment. Additionally, mice were immune to recurrence when the tumor was reintroduced into the animal even after clearance of the viral vector. This immunity extended to tumors reintroduced that no longer expressed the tumor specific antigen, indicating that the immune system had become targeted to additional tumor antigens, which could prevent resistance.

https:// www.ocumedics.com/

Proprietary timed drug delivery to the eye via a contact lens or clear corneal bandage with extended wear. Ten issued patents with protection thru 2033 and a freedom to operate opinion. Available eye drop market $16B (CAGR ~8%) Drug Is delivered continuously to the target tissue. The doctor delivers the device thus NO patient involvement solving compliance problems and missed patient dosing.


ACL is a bio-pharmaceutical company with products backed by patent granted and patent pending technologies.

We have achieved our first goal via BrainGlucoseTM by providing timed release of brain energy to eliminate nightmares, night sweating, hallucinations for Alzheimer’s patients; and to help diabetics to avoid nocturnal hypoglycemia for better sleep and protection from seizure, coma or even death.

We recently started offering fast and sustained release products ChewFullTM and IBSshieldTM for appetite control / weight loss, and prevention of IBS.

More excitingly, through communications with FDA and friends in biopharmaceutical fields, we are initiating for phase III clinical study inquiry for our delayed and sustained release of energy product as breakthrough NDA for Alzheimer’s disease.

We are also looking for partnership to advance our game changing technology product, a noninvasive medical device, AddMemTM.


Athira Pharma, Inc. is a drug development company striving to improve human health by advancing new therapies for neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Our approach is “first-in-class” with the potential to halt or even reverse degeneration of the nervous system. We are committed to advancing novel and innovative research, developing products that are affordable and accessible in alignment with our strategy focused on the people that we ultimately aim to serve with our therapies. We are mission-driven to restore lives by advancing bold therapies, thoughtfully and urgently.


Precise Nutrition is building an AI app to help people over 40 eliminate blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes medication in 3 months. Currently, prediabetics worsen to diabetic and eventually heart disease patients spending upto $33,000 a year. We can save upto 80% of these costs for 400 million people globally while boosting their energy levels and making them feel amazing. In addition, our clients have reported feeling 20 years younger, most energetic in years, and with knee pain gone.

Clients are incentivized by an insurance premium reduction of $1/day. Starting with the chronic disease patient population, we will eventually expand to the 20x larger preventative care population. Precise Nutrition charges insurance companies $1/day/client and 20% cost savings after reversing a chronic disease. A 5% market penetration would result in annual revenue of $8.4 billion while enabling insurance companies to save upto 78% on healthcare expenses.


Lauren Sciences LLC is unique New York biotech. Solves greatest medical challenge in treatment of brain diseases – most therapeutic agents, including biologicals, do not cross blood brain barrier (BBB) – with breakthrough innovation, V-Smart®. Creates innovative V-Smart® Platform, proven for non-invasive, dual-targeted, BBB delivery of non-brain penetrant therapeutic agents to central nervous system (CNS). Develops transformative V-Smart® Pipeline of novel V-Smart® Nanomedicines, with de-risked therapeutic agents, for CNS, neurodegenerative, rare/orphan, brain diseases/neurological indications, including ALS, Parkinson’s, Chronic Pain, Brain Cancer, Neuro-HIV, Alzheimer’s. Achieves: 12 foundation grant awards; 6 pre-clinical pipeline products; 18 peer-reviewed journal publications; 35 research presentations; 7 scientific meeting posters; 10 patent family portfolio estate; 5-member Medical Advisory Board; V-Smart® Nanotechnology license from Ben Gurion University, Israel; Medical Advisory Board, management, mission and motto – “Patients are waiting, but they can’t wait patiently®”. Lauren Sciences = Dynamic + Sustainable Drug Development Company. V-Smart® = Differentiated + Versatile Superior Platform Technology.


At Pera Labs, we develop digiceuticals and ai-powered solutions for difficult health problems. We have recently developed a medical device called SPERMAN, an artificial intelligence based sperm analysis system which provides solution for time consuming and labor intensive sperm assessment procedures.


Tarabios is a spin-off from Koc University, Optic Mems Laboratory. The team is developing a POC/home use blood diagnostic device. Intellectual property rights of the proprietary technology is under protection.


Arise Health Care Products is dedicated to creating products that reduce pressure ulcers and save injuries for both patients and nurses.


Veriskin is a medical device company dedicated to facilitating and improving the accuracy of skin cancer screening. Uncertainty in the initial assessment by non-specialist caregivers leads to failure to detect skin cancer at an early, more treatable stage, malpractice claims due to false negative diagnoses and many unnecessary specialist referrals and biopsies. The TruScore device is a proprietary, non-invasive, low-cost, hand-held unit that aids a non-expert user to rapidly and objectively determine whether a suspect skin lesion is cancerous. The patent pending technology works by detecting pathological angiogenesis which is a well established hallmark of cancer. VeriSkin has developed a proprietary AI algorithm and protocols to achieve 100% sensitivity and 94%  specificity in differentiating any type of skin cancer from a variety of benign conditions. The device is intended to be used as a decision support tool for non-specialists, e.g. nurse practitioners or primary care physicians and eventually, consumers.

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