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Atriva Therapeutics GmbH

The ATRIVA compound is directed against a cellular factor of the host cell. In order to ensure efficient replication, the virus needs to activate this factor. ATRIVA lead compound ATR-002 prevents the virus-induced activation of the cellular factor and consequently viral replication.

 Cancevir AG

Cancevir is opening new perspectives for effectively curing the cancer disease through Nucleic Acid Templated Chemistry (NATC) technology. NATC is a revolutionary, patented technology that allows the effective delivery of anticancer medications directly to cancer cells.

ISD Immunotech

ISD-Immunotech is a preclinical stage com-pany developing a first-in-class therapy for the most severe Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) and other autoimmune diseases. The therapy works by dampening the action of an intracellular protein called STimulator of Interferon Genes (STING)

MagCath ApS

MagCath has developed and clinically tested Obtinu to help women suffering from stress incontinence. Obtinu is a single-use, very soft, silicone tube that the patient inserts and removes in the urethra daily. It has an inner valve to restore control over bladder voiding.

KindneyCure Ltd.

KidneyCure Ltd. is developing novel and proprietary, regenerative cell therapies for the treatment of advanced Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). This therapeutic approach is expected to significantly delay the need for dialysis and kidney transplantation and to improve patients’ quality of life.

OakLabs Oncology

OakLabs’ team of quantum physicists and lifescientists uses exact AI algorithms to leverage excellence in developing predictive biomarkers. It aims to lead the way to a more diverse pool of treatments, so that more patients will receive the ideal medication right away.


Duan Wang, Ph.D.

Senior Manager of Business Development

Jiangsu Hengrui Medicin Co., Ltd.

Kamilla Rolsted, Ph.D.

Life Science Sector Specialist

Translution Capital

Max Qin

Executive Director

IN Capital

Alex Liu

GM of European Region


Niels Christian Ganderup

Senior Investment Manager

Copenhagen Capacity